The Robertson Family.

The Robertson family of St. Andrews has just as much to do with the modern game of golf as the entire country of Scotland. The years of 1750 to 1850 are noted for the generation when golf truly came to be and was the time period in which many of the most famous golf club collection was founded and some of the most famous players gained their fame.

During this time, not only were club makers very popular and gaining momentum but so were the ball makers. Those that loved the game of golf started getting together for meetings where they would play matched round of golf that were organised and were divided into amateur and pro players.

The Robertson family were famous ball makers in St. Andrews as well as avid players. Allan Robertson described by many as the first professional golfer has all kinds of stories written about his antics and matches on the course. Not much is mentioned about his grandfather, Peter but he was also a huge fan of golf and those that did tell his story described him as a professional golfer. Even though the tales of Peter’s golf games are not written for all to see, we can learn more about Allan Robertson. One tale of a golf game between Willie Dunn and Allan Robertson is very famous and has been told for years. The game was 20 rounds spread out over ten days and only two rounds per day. Robertson won the challenge with “two rounds up with one to play” in 1843.

The Robertson family was very influential in the game of golf, tracing back to 1610 when Thomas Budd’s, a ball maker in St. Andrews, daughter married a Robertson. From this union forward, the family held on the trade of ball making with at least four different Robertson’s carrying on the trade during the mid 18th century. Allan may be more known for his actions on the course than in the creation of the golf balls as he has the title of the first man to break 80 in 1853 on the Old Course.


No matter if you are talking about the game of golf whether on the course or behind the scenes creating the balls, the name Robertson is one that must be revered for their contributions.